The Application of Science to Equine Assisted Interventions and Activities

EiT/L Level 1 provides essential foundational knowledge for any practitioner working in the field of equine assisted therapy and learning programs. This course explores existing and emerging research in horses, equine cognition, and equine-human interactions and the practical application of this knowledge to individuals involved in equine assisted programs of all kinds. The course includes lectures by Emily Kieson PhD, MS, PgDip, ESMHL (Research Director at MiMer Centre) and Katarina Lundgren (Executive Director of MiMer Centre) covering theories and research in cognition, psychology, equine-human interactions, communication, stress, trauma, welfare, and the evolution of the horse. The purpose of this course is to serve as foundational knowledge from which to grow any equine assisted program and is model-independent.

We pride ourselves on teaching tools, not rules.

All levels of practitioners are welcome.

This online course covers both the theoretical components of our Level 1 training and the practical part and includes assignments for practicing critical skill sets. Completion of the course comes with a Certificate of Completion for the full level 1 course.

Tools Not Rules

If you have a dream of working more closely with horses in your field of work, you don't need us to know exactly what that looks like right now.

But you might need help developing it.

This EiT/L series of courses is designed to provide a science and research-based approach to understanding the tools involved in working with horses in different equine assisted programs, as well as a critical evaluation of best practices. The course was developed by practitioners with experience in multiple equine assisted therapy and learning models and provides foundational knowledge for any model...or allows you to develop your own!

We focus on skill sets, critical thinking, knowledge, practice, networking, mentoring/ supervision and science to help you develop the EiT/L program that fits YOUR needs, not a model that forces you to conform to a predetermined set of rules.

This puts you as a (becoming) practitioner in the center of our our trainings. All participants go through the same learning material, but it is also adapted to where you are in your development.

Two Species

Two Species requires team work, the ability of perspective taking and an awareness of oneself as a practitioner.

Observational Skills

How to make good observations and how to use them is a core skill we develop, discuss and practice in EiT/L level 1.

Horse-Human Interactions

Working experientially with horses and humans means you need to understand horse-human interaction. EiT/L takes you through different aspects of both equine-equine, and equine-human interaction.

Education EiT/L Levels 1-4

( generally takes 1 year )

We have taken the next step in developing our educational courses in Equines in Therapy and Learning Programs, EiT/L Level 1-4. The different levels are now reworked into a solid year long program. You can take Levels 1-4 all online, but there will also be an additional offering of doing the practice parts in person. This is our way of making quality education in the field of equine assisted interventions accessible to anyone, no matter where you are geographically located.

We are continuing to keep prices affordable, as this is another of our ways of making quality education in our field accessible to more people. It is still and investment to be made, to sign-up, but a reasonable one. And you still decide for yourself how many levels of our education you want to take.

Level 1 - The Fundamentals: will give you the fundamentals of working with equine assisted interventions.

Level 2 - The Research: takes a deep dive into current theories and ever developing research (expressive movement, theories of emotions) that can help inform our practice.

Level 3 - The Integration: focuses on the practical application of level 1 and 2, and to help you develop your own ideas and business.

Level 4 - Train the Trainer: For those who want to educate and train others in how to do this work, or in equine welfare and equine-human interactions, or wants to enrol in research in this broad field.

EiT/L Level 1 Curriculum

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days after you enroll
  Unit 1: Background and Orientation
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days after you enroll
  Unit 2: Equines in Therapy and Learning Programs
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unit 3: Equines and Equine-Human Interactions
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days after you enroll
  Unit 4: Equines in Teamwork and Equine Welfare
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  Practical Work and Exam Work
Available in days
days after you enroll

EiT/L : Equines in Therapy and Learning Programs Level 1