Eriskay pony foal

Learning about Horses with Horses

This 5-day course will be an opportunity to observe and learn from the wild lives of semi feral ponies. Through educational discussions and observations we will explore different perspectives on equine behavior and welfare. We will delve into what sustainable equine keeping means for the equine, the environment, and our role within that. And we will examine how best to implement what we learn from our studies to enhance the health and wellbeing of domestic equines. 

Eriskay ponies
Observing Free Living Ponies

Immerse yourself in observations of free living ponies and horses. We will discuss and practice both observational skills and the importance to know the observer.

Living like a Horse

See how ponies and horses choose to live when they have the freedom to do so. Will discuss horses as part of the ecology, but also have ethical discussions.

What can we Learn?

The learning will be a mix of guided lessons, discussions and individual and/or group observations of the day to day life of equines living life on their terms.

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You will have the opportunity to learn about

  • Natural/normal horse behavior
  • Ecology of the landscape
  • Perceptions of equines
  • Humans role in equine welfare
  • Ideas for peaceful coexistence
  • The ponies day to day lives, lived on their terms
  • Equine welfare
  • Learning from nature
  • The equines role in the ecosystem
  • Domestic/non domestic similarities and differences
  • The role of equines in human cultures
  • And so much more!
Eriskay pony foal