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Ilka Parent

Ilka Parent, Clin. Psychotherapist,

Depth Psychology, Psychotraumatherapy (DeGPT)

In the past 30 years, my clinical focus has been on specializing in traumatherapy, be it combat related aspects or complex PTS(d).

In the equine assisted field, I have a worldwide network, organize regular international symposia on equine welfare in equine assisted practices, and publish both textbooks and articles on the topic of traumatherapy with horses on the team.

Katarina Lundgren

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Instructor, Master Student in Psychotherapy and Cognitive Science

I have been working with education and learning for 30 years, the last 15 of them, together with horses. I have been working with trauma informed and sensitive care in the EAP/L field for more than 10 years. And educated on equine welfare and wellbeing for the last 15 years. I am the founder and director of MiMer Centre.

 MiMer Centre gives trainings and courses worldwide and online, we contribute to science and research, present on conferences and in books, pertaining to the topics of equine welfare and wellbeing, rewilding, and trauma informed care in EAP/L.